Nobody knows exactly, but probably the first counterfeit dates back since the introduction of the coin in human society. Romans made a series of counterfeits, later on called "legal", by making coins of copper silvered. Roman soldiers fighting in enemy territories were paid with these coins. If they were to be taken prisoners, they did not want to lose gold or silver this way! (...) details... In countries where democracy and market economy are currently strengthening, countries that were led by dictatorial regimes or centralized economies, freedom has lead to a real explosion on the market of services and large consume goods. Taking into account that the legislation for the protection of intellectual property rights and trademarks in these countries appears and is strengthening with time, the state's control bodies do not always manage to fight efficiently against counterfeiting. Cosmetic products, medicines, textiles, food, cellular phones, music or software CDs, spare parts for motor vehicles, these represent a multitude of counterfeited products, thrown on the market, under renowned trademarks, for attractive prices. Who is losing from the sale of these counterfeited products? (...) details...


Art.1. The Romanian Anticounterfeiting Association, with headquarters in Bucharest, 202A Splaiul Independentei Street, 11th Floor, Room 26, District 1, represented by Mr. Dan Docan as President of the Romanian Anti-counterfeiting Association REACT Romania, with headquarters in Bucharest, 34 Enachita Vacarescu Street, Apt. 1, District 4, represented by Mr. Gabriel Turcu as President, have agreed to enter into this protocol.
Art.2. for the purpose of monitoring cases of counterfeiting by identifying them and drawing up joint strategies and programs to nring them to the public and efficient fight against them, the Romanian Anticounterfeiting Association and the Romanian Anti-Counterfeiting Association REACT Romania hereby agree to act together under the name of the Romanian Anticounterfeiting Alliance.
Art.3. Romanian Anticounterfeiting Alliance is not a legally incorporated entity, as it acts by joint activities carried out by the two associations.
Art.4. Romanian Anticounterfeiting Association and Romanian Anti-Counterfeiting Association REACT shall work together in the Romanian Anticounterfeiting Association Romania to accomplish the following objectives:
- Mobilizing the efforts of the private and State sectors by creating a partnership between investors, manufacturers, consumers and authorities, in a sustainable campaign against counterfeiting, by creating a solid economic climate open to development and investments;
- Promoting dialogue and close cooperation between employer organizations, consumer organizations and authorities by organizing meetings, seminars, conferences on the topic of identification and eradication of;
- Providing consulting services, legal services, public relations and information services to natural persons for the purpose of identifying counterfeits and forgeries as well as preventing and stopping this phenomenon by drawing up an adequate security system;
- Initiating, developing, supporting and promoting projects and programs during training courses as well as any adjacent activities in view of accomplishing the objectives of the association;
- Promoting within the population the respect for copyright and sanctioning any infringement of this right by notifying the competent authorities on identified counterfeits and their authors;
- Protecting the intellectual property right by notifying the competent authorities on identified counterfeits and their authors and bringing them to justice upon request of the intellectual right holder that made the object of the identified counterfeit;
- Granting awards, scholarships, donations to natural and legal persons whose purposes and objectives work for the identification and eradication of counterfeiting;
- Issuing publications for the promotion an presentation of the Romanian Anticounterfeiting Alliance image and its objectives;
- Funding publications, natural or legal persons for the purpose of initiating programs for the identification and eradication of counterfeiting;
- Promoting bills of normative acts intended to improve the economic climate in Romania, creating a feeling of security for foreign investments
- Affiliating to national and international bodies and organizations with similar objectives;

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